Perth Rotary Club Assembly & District Governor Ineke Oliver | "Imagine"
Sep 30, 2022 12:00 PM
Ineke Oliver | District Governor District 9455
Perth Rotary Club Assembly & District Governor Ineke Oliver | "Imagine"

We will have a few decisions to make at this club assembly. Please come along.

The Friday lunch meeting will be a working style meeting. We will enjoy a facilitated planning session about what to keep, what to let go and what to do differently. This will take approximately 1 hour.

District Governor, Ineke Oliver will be attending and has been a huge support to us all – for several months. As well, she will provide a brief snapshot of the plans for this Rotary year and give us a glimpse of what is planned for the future of Rotary in Western Australia.  We will hear about her focus for the year and the adventures planned for all of us along the way.

Ineke has been a Rotarian since 2008 and held positions at club board level at various times in Swan Rotary.  She will be our District Governor for 2022-23 for D9455 and then from 1st July 2023, will be the District Governor for the whole of Western Australia as we move to one District in WA. 

In her professional life Ineke has been a film assistant (she and her husband Geoff had their own film production company), a legal secretary and later moved into education as a teacher and then Principal of an independent school.  

Ineke has been involved with volunteer organisations almost all her adult life, wherever she and her family have lived in NSW, ACT, Singapore and WA.   She is passionate about Rotary and helping Rotarians gain the skills they need to share their Rotary stories with others effectively.


Perth Rotary Luncheon | Ineke Oliver | District Governor District 9455

Perth Rotary Club Assembly | Imagine

The Parmelia Hilton Hotel | 14 Mill Street St, Perth

Friday 30th September 2022

$50 per person

12pm for 12:15pm start till 2pm

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