Walking in Two Worlds
Oct 09, 2020 12:30 PM
Jahna Cedar OAM
Walking in Two Worlds

As a first nations woman, working in a corporate environment, I am constantly faced with challenging situations of conflicting priorities and expectations between Western and First Nations protocols and responsibilities.

It is this predicament that has sparked an interest in the co-design space of project work. We are an organic society not bound by hierarchy. The code designed method of engagement and project scope enables a safe and culturally secure space, relevant to our values frameworks that will see meaningful change transcend boundaries. Building effective Indigenous engagement involves securing greater two-way accountability and legitimacy, whilst respecting and acknowledging the difference of opinion and diversity.

Come along and hear my story of how I have aligned cultural and business responsibilities, whilst staying true to myself. I will share how IPS can assist your journey towards reconciliation and acknowledgement of our first nations people.