Break the Boundary - Adaptive Off-road Cycling and Trail Walking Hub – Perth Hills
May 31, 2019
Andrew Liddawi
Break the Boundary - Adaptive Off-road Cycling and Trail Walking Hub – Perth Hills

Perth-based and founded charity, Break the Boundary is developing an Australian-first Off-road Disability Access Hub, right here in the Perth-hills. The project is focussed on helping people with disabilities, families and people living with daily challenges enter and experience the outdoors while integrating with local trail walking and cycling groups. The project has been managed by 100% volunteers, collaborated with over 10 local community supporters, raised over $12,000 in sponsorship and $30,000 in pro-bono costs. Break the Boundary will present on the projects final stages as it nears completion and wants to give local community groups and businesses the opportunity to be part of history!

Up to the age of 23, Andrew’s story is typical for a young adult growing up in Perth, Western Australia. Having graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science (Security) and Engineering, life was about to take a nose dive.
Shortly after landing a graduate position with one of the worlds leading engineering consultancies, Andrew relocated to Brisbane and started his new career and life. It didn’t take long for Andrew to find his feet in a new city with new colleagues and friends.  His adventurous spirit and love for nature took him from one outdoor thrill to the next. But, it was this desire to feel alive that would also see his life flipped up-side-down during a mountain biking accident in late 2008 which left him paralysed instantly from the waist down.