Posted on Jul 02, 2019
A week full of excitement and action!
Fellow Rotarians and friends,
Who would ever expect that our Club  would be full of activities, news, events and excitement even from the first week of the new Rotary year! 
Last Friday’s lunch was our very first one for the new Rotary Year and the good turn up was your vote of trust to our very good guest speaker and to our plans for the new and exciting things that are coming. Peter Kenyon, our guest speaker, presented in a perfectly structured and very interesting form the power of the community and what are the benefits for people when they form stronger communities. Also, it was quite surprising to hear about the “Operation Livewire” a program which helped 18 to 25 year-olds develop business proposals and plans. The story of the young tour operator who had the idea to organise the very successful camel-tours in Broome, brought back memories to some of our Past Presidents who had participated as mentors to some of the young entrepreneurs of that time under the support of Perth Rotary (Rotary Club of Perth).
The main take out from Peter Kenyon’s important presentation could be summarised in this metaphor:  “Most communities can often be compared to a football game where 30,000 people who need the exercise turn up to watch 36 players who don’t”!
Only one day after that great Club meeting we had another big day for our Club. Last Saturday night, our Past President Graham Peden received the helm of our District, taking the Chair of the District Governor for the year 2019 - 2020!
A good number of members from our Club went to that changeover night at the WA Golf Club and we were thrilled to see our very own PP Graham unfolding the new Rotary International banner and presenting his plan for the new year. I was the same thrilled to receive the District Governor’s banner “Home of the District Governor” for our Club which will highlight our Club meetings by reminding of our duty to assist the new District Governor and to provide our service to the District whenever this will be needed.
Another surprise of that exciting evening was the appointment of our Past President Wesley to the role of Assistant District Governor! PP Wesley will be responsible for a number of Clubs and their District matters on top of his current duties in Perth Rotary.
The morning after the District Governors’ changeover filled our hearts with different emotions and thoughts. Members of our Club gathered at Trigg Surf Club to farewell all Rotary Youth Exchange students and of course our very own Chiara who will be missed from our meetings but she will always be remembered for her kindness, friendliness and good manners. That was a very emotional event as the countdown for Chiara’s departure on Wednesday is now on. For those wishing to join us at the airport for a “goodbye” to our gorgeous exchange student before she goes back to her family in Italy, please contact Kelly Gibson, our Youth Director.
I guess, you may be wondering how is it possible all these events and activities to take place in only a few days… Perth Rotary and our District will continuously provide you with opportunities, some of which might be extremely unique and important. We need you to make these opportunities part of your life and to take active role in our committees, projects and events. We need your ideas, initiative and action. We need YOU and in return Perth Rotary will offer you a life-changing experience.   
Welcome to Perth Rotary!
Yours in Rotary,
Vangelis Katsaitis
President Perth Rotary