Cambodia Family Support: a life-line for many rural poor Cambodians
We are grateful for the Rotary Club of Perth’s long commitment to the support of ‘Cambodia Family Support (CFS).  Since 2008 CFS has been helping the rural poor on the border with Thailand in northwest Cambodia.  This would not be possible without the ongoing support of our club and generous donations from individual Rotarians.
Interventions take many forms, including:
  • Water & sanitation projects (bores w pumps, rainwater collection, toilets)
  • Microenterprise initiatives (market-gardens, animal raising, roadside kiosks)
  • Education centres, repairing of school buildings, putting in toilets
  • Animal bank – providing heifer calves (pigs, goats) to a family who must then gift the first calf to another family
During these times of Covid the poor are disproportionally affected.  CFS field staff are still able to help, although with restrictions. Activities are managed by the Director Dr Eng Samnang a native Cambodian who survived the Khmer Rouge regime that murdered his father and two siblings. He is greatly committed to the welfare of his countrymen.
As the fiscal year draws to a close, some of you may be looking for a worthwhile project that is sponsored by Rotary.  All donations are sent to Cambodia through Rotary Australia World Community Service.
Click on the link to make a donation: RAWCS donation page for CFS
Any amount is appreciated and will be put to good use. In non-covid times visitors are most welcome to visit. Dr Samnang can demonstrate first-hand the achievements made possible by our support.