Nowhere in the world are the effects of the world paralysis in terms of ability to visit and do good works felt, than South East Asia where many Rotary Projects have been stalled whilst NFP's struggle to raise the necessary funds and get the require personnel into the field.  Rotarian Mike Gurry provides the following update on the projects he is connected to in Cambodia.  
The Covid pandemic has hit Cambodia with the same fierceness experienced in so many countries around the world. Particularly over the last month, Cambodia has had a new and its largest surge in covid cases and deaths. At present they are operating with a curfew from 8pm to 5am in Phnom Penh.
Travel between provinces is prohibited. Schools are closed, most factories shut, and most people confined to their homes most of the time.  As you would expect the economy is suffering, many markets are operating on limited hours and as a consequence the poor are suffering food shortages.
With the surge in Covid cases the Government has asked to purchase the Tabitha Nokor Tep hospital to use as a covid only Hospital.  Tabitha plans to use the funds provided to build another Nokor Tep hospital. It is fortuitous that we can provide the Cambodian people a state of the art Hospital in their hour of greatest need.
Tabitha continues to operate “in a new normal”. Donors are funding houses which are built by Tabitha staff with help from the contractors and families. We then send a photo of the house with the happy family. The plan is to take donors who wish to go see their house on a delayed trip in 2022 and 2023.
So far,we have raised enough for over 100 houses and water wells on this project. If you wish to donate go to And select the Mike Gurry Oct 2021 house build.  House donations are $2,000 which is enough to cover the cost of the house and a water well, which is given to another family. So one donation helps two families at this very difficult time.
The families are still contributing their $US25 as their contribution to the house and the need for more donors is greater than ever. If you can help please do.
The cows for Cambodia project is gaining momentum.  Many families have benefitted already.  Owning a cow in Cambodia is like winning the lottery. It is a ticket out of poverty. So far, this year 66 new families have  been given a pregnant cow to care for. The calf that is born will belong to the family while the cow will be returned to Cows for Cambodia to help another family. Another 50 cows are to be purchased from generous donations by mid year. This will allow even more families to participate.
Anyone can donate a cow for $1,000US. Donors are given a photo of “their” cow and of “their families” which this cow helps lift out of poverty over its life time. This project is the most cost effective scheme I have witnessed in my time working with Cambodians for helping the poor help themselves out of poverty.
In Australia, and Western Australia in particular, we have been very fortunate over the last year while the Cambodians continue to suffer. I fear many will slip back into poverty without our help. If you are inclined to share some of your good fortune in escaping Covid now is an ideal time to help the Cambodians.
Thanks for considering them,
Mike Gurry
International Committee 
Perth Rotary Member