Hello everyone,
It feels so weird to write you all my first email since I got back! It's weird because I haven't realised yet I'm not coming to my second home for a while and it's a crazy thought.
But, to be honest, it hasn't been too bad to be back.

After finally seeing my family and my best friend at the airport, I come back home and my closest friends were all there! They organised me a surprise party all wearing a t-shirt with my face on it, super funny.

One of the thing I was looking forward to the most was spending some time with Nonna and finally have some of the food she cooks.

Two days ago I also turned 18 (thank you all for the birthday wishes) and I celebrated with my family and I also took ten friends in a nice place with a beautiful view on the Duomo. It was a way to do something nice on my birthday as I'll throw a bigger party in September, when all my friends will be back from the holidays.

I'm so glad for all the beautiful people who waited for me this year and, especially my friends, who didn't change at all even if we were so far for so long.

The last ten days have been crazy and I'm still catching up with all the changes, with coming back, turning 18, having my brother moving out soon ...

I had to start studying the second day I was here and, even if it will be a very busy summer, I don't regret at all my choice to go on exchange and I want to show my teachers it was worth it to go to Australia and at the same time I can still be the same at school, or even better.

For this reason, I will only have short holidays, a week in Sardinia, a few weekends in Rome with my dad who works there (ps Jill, could you please send me Reverend John's details), I'll host Tomas (Czech exchange student met in Australia) and Millie, a school friends for a few days and maybe I'll have some short trips with friends.

I hope you're all well and as I told you many times already, I'm so grateful to have meet you all.

I miss you a lot and I can't wait to see you again soon, either in Europe or Australia.

See you