Another Friday.  Another brilliant speaker. Another effervescent gathering.  And like the iceberg, what you see at our gatherings on Fridays and Thursday evenings is only 10% of the whole.  90% of the iceberg is underwater.  

Not that I’m likening our beloved Rotary Club to an iceberg. But it’s true that the tireless work of our committees and supporters goes on regardless, often quietly and without fanfare, and comprises a huge amount of effort and dedication.  Underwater.

That said, however, our meetings are really important and I do urge you to strain every nerve to attend each week.  We have a dynamic team of experts gathering together a great array of speakers, and we thank them for that.  This week we look forward to welcoming Colin Barnett, his topic - "A City & It's Stadium".  

But if you’re holding back waiting for us to have the Pope as our guest speaker talking about the secret lives of the Borgias, then we may not see you this side of the Rapture.  Come regardless.   If we schedule someone to speak on ‘The Effect of a Vegan Diet on the Psychotic Behaviour of Hummingbirds in the Andes’, then still come along.   Or ‘The Genetic Makeup of the Unicorn as Observed by Hitch Hikers while gathering Bird Seeds on the Russian Steppes’, still come along, but with heightened enthusiasm.  

Our attendance shouldn’t be determined by Speaker Charisma.   Although the Unicorn topic does hold a curious attraction.  Watch this space.
So – message for this week.  Check the Speaker List for interest, and book in anyway.

  Upcoming events for your diary:
Rotary Rock vs Sport Fundraising Quiz Night 
Saturday 18 September | Parmelia Hilton Hotel
we have two tables left.... go on line and book, you know that you want to come and support our club raising funds for Australian Rotary Health and Club Projects in collaboration with the Rotary Clubs of Elizabeth Quay & Matilda Bay
How much do you know about - Australian Rotary Health?  The following information was provided by PDG Jerry Pilcher, Western Region ARH Director.  
Australian Rotary Health (ARH) began in 1981 to raise funds for medical research in Australia.  The first research project was the study of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome - SIDS (cot death). Research was carried out at the Menzies Centre in Hobart by Prof Terry Dwyer.   As a direct result of this research the incidence of SIDS worldwide was reduced by 80%. 
In the year 2000 ARH decided to focus on mental health research.  This has led to the Teen Mental Health First Aid program;  Cool Kids Program & Cool Kids Taking Control Program helping children with anxiety and bullying.  ARH is one of the largest non-government funders of mental health research in Australia as well as supporting research in many areas of general health.   ARH has also supported 80 Indigenous Health Scholarships. Investing $ 2.2 million dollars in the one year, and over $ 50 million since inception. 
ALL Western Australian Rotary Clubs and many members have supported ARH programs.    Our Western Australian ARH representatives are:  
  • PP Warwick Smith – District 9455 Chair
  • PP John Dodman – District 9465 Chair
  • PDG Jerry Pilcher – ARH Western Region Director