Posted on Dec 15, 2021
This letter has a simple message – may you all have a wonderful Christmas!  
Of course, the trouble with Christmas is that it comes at such a busy time of year – there’s always a lot of this and that going on – family reunions (provided everyone lives in WA), Christmas cards, shopping, presents, food, office parties, finding and untangling last year’s outside lights and decorating the house, blowing up the Santa, reindeer and sled and getting it up on the roof, Christmas tree ordering, buying, decorating and the trip to the hospital after trying to put the angel on top of the tree by standing on the plank on the box on the chair on the side-table and finding that the paperchains were insufficient support to prevent a six foot straight drop to the parquet floor.
All this and more.
It’s easy to lose sight of what Christmas was originally about.  It was originally about changing our ideas.  As a result of one particular person being born and of the movement that Jesus began, we think in a different way from people who lived before he was born.  Because this birth and this ministry, 2000 years ago, which we still commemorate today, came out of weakness.  Here was a persecuted child who was later crucified.  Nothing powerful or glorious about that.
But it’s had a lasting effect.  As a result, we are far more aware of and sensitive towards weakness, powerlessness, poverty.  We now have respect for what we may have looked down on, even despised, before. We take greater care of the marginalized in our society, the helpless, those who are discriminated against.  We do more to help those who are struggling - the victims of violence and abuse, the homeless, refugees from places where there has been violence and conflict. 
And all this gives impetus to our work in Rotary.  Everything we do puts into practice what Christmas is about.  Christmas comes to life for us in all sorts of ways – but especially as we get involved with our Rotary projects and initiatives. 
May your Christmas be happy and fulfilling for all our members and families, and may we continue as a Club to embrace the values of which Christmas reminds us.
President John

Friday 17 December 2021 | Family Christmas Breakfast in the Argyle Ballroom, Parmelia Hilton Hotel is a sold out event.  We look forward to welcoming our members, their family and friends to the Parmelia Hilton Argyle Ballroom anytime from 7am ready for a 7.25am sit down and start to the formal proceedings.  There will be raffles; chocolates & balloons to buy, so please bring your spare change.   We have the Fremantle Room set up for children to adjourn to should they need a distraction, however, please ensure that the children are supervised.
Vienna Pops NYE Concert - 2021
Bookings Galore are in the swing for the Vienna Pops New Year’s Eve event, which unsurprisingly falls once again on 31 December. Mezzo Soprano Ashlyn, having previously sung at a Royal Command performance at Buckingham Palace will regale us with her vocal expertise, and she will be but one of a number of musicians delighting us over the course of the evening. Get tickets now for the Evening Gala Concert, or the Matinee or both. Please click on the image below for the booking site or go to the Perth Concert Hall Page -  If you would like to purchase a VIP ticket to Vienna Pops and really make a night of it, please email direct. 
This Friday, 17 December we will induct our last new member for the year - Natasha Rogers. 
My recent exposure to Rotarians and the level of community service and commitment various members displayed is the prime reason why I have decided to express an interest in joining the Rotary Club of Perth. Having a spent several years in the not-for-profit sector, I am very familiar with the commitments required and motivations of being a volunteer. The opportunity to meaningfully contribute to the community in which you live has been the primary reason for all of my previous voluntary roles.
Currently employed in the recycling and material recovery sector with Containers for Change, following an extensive background in business, sporting club management, grant and funding proposals, healthcare administration, tertiary education delivery and the sustainability not-for-profit sector has diversified my skills. The most important motivation for me, in any area I am engaged with, is the capacity to find joy in the work, whether it is paid or not. The addition to Rotary International of Environment as the seventh pillar is particularly exciting, being a passion of mine, which is where I can see how I can contribute positively to the Rotary Club of Perth.
We look forward to welcoming Natasha to the Perth Rotary Club.