Last Friday’s presentation in the foyer of the Parmelia by Leon Pericles was stunning. Like, really stunning. If you missed it, kick yourself. And promise yourself not to miss another meeting.

Leon went through the artistic process of landing on a subject, breaking it down into bite-sized chunks, and getting it into the fabulous display we are privileged to admire in the foyer of the Parmelia.

Wesley gave an admirable account of Jeff’s Jolly Jape – which of course was the Bonfire to dwarf all bonfires, now firmly established as a Red-Hot Letter Day in the Rotary calendar. Trouble is, it’s hard to think of ways this Frolic could extend into something bigger. Aside from actually setting Jeff’s house alight, there’s not much more we can do. Maybe roast a venison on a spit? Make mead? Set car-tyres alight? All joining hands around the Inferno and muttering dark incantations?

Jeff is working closely with the Fellowship Committee, exploring ways to introduce even more glamour and excitement to this Night of Knights. Stay tuned.

In the meantime our committees have thrown themselves into feverish activity, getting various projects up and running. It goes without saying, but I’m saying it anyway, getting activities active is hard work, and our people are doing an exemplary job. It’s an eye and ear opener to be at Board Meetings to see and hear what’s going on, and congratulations are due all round.

There was a Bishop of Winchester in the 16th century who once said, ‘The original idea or insight that creative people have is perfect. But we can’t leave it there. The idea or insight has to become reality. And this is the distance of doing. And it’s hard work’.

So it’s one thing to have an idea – even a good idea – but then there’s the ‘distance of doing’, and this is where the rubber hits the road. And this is where we can be proud of our team, hard at it, making the visions come alive.

We have a few of our key players off the field with injuries at the moment. Our injury list includes key positional players – Don Mazzachelli (one knee), Kim Hurley (two knees), Larry Hirsch (two knees), Nigel Barker (knee). The Knees-

Up Club. The medical staff say Don will be eligible for selection in a week or two, but the others will be out for quite a bit of the season.

David Reed is still at Broome, with Jill and Peter, and indeed Ashley. David had a good Broome Cup, we hear, and we look forward to having him back soon.

The Honorable Basil Zempilas, Lord Mayor of Perth, is with us this Friday. If you haven’t booked yet, DO IT NOW. Here’s our big chance to find out where the City of Perth is headed. It will be a great lunch.

President John.