Last week’s meeting was a riot of colour, camaraderie and conversation.  The Right Honourable the Lord Mayor of Perth, Basil Zempilas, outlined his hopes for the future of the City, and only ten months into his term of office he is making considerable headway.  He bolsters his outreach through media and sporting commitments, which gives him a large reach throughout all aspects of city life.
Basil exudes an infectious enthusiasm and high-voltage energy which augers well for getting things done in the City.  It’s good to have the Lord Mayor of Perth closely associated with the Rotary Club of Perth and it’s a connection we’ll continue to foster.
Important events are coming our way.  The Malcolm MacCusker Oration occurs this Wednesday 25 August, 6.00pm to 7.00pm at UWA, in harness with the final of the 4-Way Speaking Test.  Our thanks to Ted for his tireless work for the success of the Oration, and to Kim, Manu and Darren for all the work involved in getting the winner of our Club’s competition to the starting line of the Finals.
Speaking of starting lines, we are happy, nay overjoyed to report that Reverend John came third in the 3.40pm at Broome on 14 August.  Early reports from the trackside indicated that Reverend John came ‘mid-field’.  Back home we foolishly assumed this put him out of any further financial contention. But how wrong we were.  He came a noble third.  That the precise number attached to ‘mid-field’ turns on the precise number of participants was a mathematical concept which we overlooked, so there was early despair.  However, the mathematics done and dusted, there is now celebration.
This Thursday we have a Drinks Function 5.30pm – 7.00pm at the Parmelia.  Darren is compering as I have to be apology.  Do come along ….Jacob Mwansa, the founder and CEO of Global Empowers, will be speaking on the purpose and policy of his organization.
Consequently there is no Rotary lunch this Friday.  However, Friday lunch on 3 September looms large in the diary because the District Governor Dee Buckland will appear and will no doubt delight us with words of wisdom about Rotary’s mission on the broad canvas.
Please do keep your attendance at stratospheric levels. Not only do we catch up with each other at every meeting, but we become familiar with the projects we are supporting and our latest bright ideas for raising funds.
Remember, every time you are not with us, we are the less.  So be with us.

President John.