Another sensational evening at the Parmelia.  Pulses raced as Zero Hour approached for the unleashing of Tickets Galore for the Vienna Pops Extravaganza.  Stephen and Darren were at their most intense, doubled down over the computer, waiting for the signal from Houston informing them that the horse had bolted and tickets were now being snapped up.  It was all very Blood Pressure 200 as the Live Feed momentarily went down and anxious potential customers, baying at the front desk, were stalled.  But due to Stephen’s and Darren’s sang-froid, all was well and anxieties were allayed.
An amazing number of tickets were sold, many to patrons of long-standing who demanded they sit in exactly the same seats as they had occupied for the last century or so.  No other seats would do.  They had to be the same as forever.  This is commitment.  It happens in other places as well.  Try sitting in someone else’s pew in church.
Mark Coughlan was his usual effervescent self - the Impresario Supreme.  He played well, spoke well, related well and smiled well.  He could sell snow to Eskimos.  And he certainly sold the Launch in spades. Well done, Mark.
All in all, it augurs well for a fabulous evening and congratulations to Stephen and his team for the hard work they are doing to make this event the Event of Events.  If you haven’t booked yet, hurry.  Avoid disappointment.
Afternoon Matinee Tickets on sale to the General Public from Thursday 7 October -
Evening Concert Tickets on sale to the General Public from Thursday 7 October -
VIP Tickets on sale NOW - secure the best seats in the Perth Concert Hall by contacting the team direct via  the
Then on Saturday another successful event was held  - the Long Walk for Prostate Cancer research.  The Long Run, or in Perth Rotary Clubs case - The Long Walk....  is an awareness and fundraising event for Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia, supporting all men and families impacted by prostate cancer.  A small, but determined group of Rotarians braved the wind, pending rain and cyclists to walk around the bridges raising funds.  Thank you to Dr David Preece, Club Services Director Darren Perera and Fellowship Chair Nan Walker for organising the troops.  Special thanks to Don & Maxine Mazzucchelli; Wesley Sim; Jill & Peter Dawson; Darren's friends - Patrick & Linda; Darren, David and David's Wife, Erin Lloyd for walking the walk and talking the talk! 
Every kilometre covered will raise funds to bring us closer to a world where prostate cancer is no longer a burden and where all men and their families with a diagnosis are supported.   If you are yet to donate towards this great cause and would like to contribute - its' not too late.... Please go to and follow the donate link. 
Gerard Neesham will be our guest speaker this week.  Engaging teenage Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men in education and employment, a story of inspiration and aspirations - don't miss out.  Please book on line -   
Owing to my anxiety concerning our members’ ability to keep reading my message right to the end – or even read it at all – I set a question for you, dear reader.   The answer, of course, was Matthew Arnold, and the poem Dover Beach.  Congratulations to Kirstin, the first correct answer received, and further congratulations to Wendy Campbell, Ross Robinson and Ulrich Kunzmann who had the right answer, but came in late.  So that’s all good news then.  We know that four members read my message to the bitter end. 
Still, four out of however many members we have is a bit on the lean side, so as a further sounding here’s another teaser – which American President said ‘Within the first few months I discovered that being a President is like riding a tiger.  A man has to keep riding or be swallowed’.
Your time begins now......
President John 
Fellowship Events & Other News for your diary. 
  1. Rotary Means Business to be held at the Duxton Hotel on Tuesday 5 October 2021.  Rotarian & CEO of the Perron Group, Ross Robertson is the guest speaker.  Please go on line at to book your ticket.  Space is limited, so don't delay in securing your ticket to this exclusive event. 
 2.   These boots are made for walking .... and we have more opportunities for our members to get out and about and enjoy our beautiful city and freedom to be outdoors.  Please email Nan Walker, Chair of the Fellowship Committee if you are interested in any of the below:
  • a botanical walk around Kings Park with a guide;
  • a historical walk in the CBD of Perth with a guide;
  • a cocktail walk of Fremantle with a visit to a gin distillery; 
  • If you are interested in any of the above walking tours, please email Nan Walker at and dates will be booked. 
3.  Perth Rotary Fellowship and Cooking Classes have been booked for 20 October and 24 November 2021.  These will be held at the home of Nico Morretti’s Urban Providers in Leederville.  For anyone who has not experienced a "Nico Morretti" cooking class, imagine being invited to your best friends home, sitting around his kitchen bench and chatting ...whilst he cooks a restaurant quality meal for you and teaches you a few tricks of the trade at the same time.  At the end of the night you get to take home the recipes and great memories.   You are at liberty to bring a bottle of wine and enjoy this with the food.  It is really a theatre.  Some of you may have experiences these classes they are lots of fun.  If you are interested please email Nan Walker at  The cost per person is $135.  They start at 7.30 p m and continue until about 9.30 p m
  Upcoming events for your diary: