Dear Rotarians and Friends,
It’s all happening. At last Friday’s lunch we were entertained and informed by the supremely talented designers and sculptors affectionately known as Smith and Smith.  Their work enhances the land and seascape of Western Australia, and we were privileged to hear and see some of their most distinguished work.
This coming Friday is our annual 4-Way Speaking Contest with highly talented students from Mercedes College giving presentations.  Our presence gives support to these young people who have given up a fair bit of time preparing to speak in public.  As we all know, speaking in public - speaking in public well, that is – is quite an art and to set off on this path at such a young age can be a daunting prospect.  So please come along to show our support to these enterprising students.  Please remember to go on line and book your ticket to attend at 
On Saturday, of course, we are all attending our Annual Bonfire Night at the country estate of Helen and Jeff Leach.  It is a night Not-To-Be Missed.  Bets are being taken now as to how much damage can be inflicted on the President, which unfortunately happens to be me.  Previous Presidents have not made it through the evening unscathed.  I am reliably informed the address we’ll all be looking for is available on application to the Chair of the Fellowship Committee - Nan Walker. Please email Nan at for directions.  
Bring food you want to BBQ – like sirloin steaks – and salads to share – and wine.  You’ll need the wine.  Absolutely.
Four of our esteemed members have come down, literally, with knee complaints: Don Mazzucchelli, Kim Hurley, Nigel Barker and our own dearly beloved Sergeant Larry.  They don’t have one good knee between them.  They have formed their own sporting team.  Name?  Past Glory.
Think of them in their trouble.  We look forward to seeing them back in top condition as much as we look forward to seeing you – yes, that’s you – on Friday.
Until then,

SIR WALLACE KYLE ORATION | Wednesday 25 August 2021 - a FREE Public event, registration is essential. 


Quairading Tree Planting Weekend - a little bit chilly, a little bit water-logged, but a great weekend! Rotarians from Perth, Heirisson, Crawley, North Perth,  Subiaco, Western Endeavour & Elizabeth Quay Rotary Clubs made the trek out to Quairading last weekend to plant trees.  The wheat belt has received record levels of rain this winter which bodes well for the success of the tree planting activity.  It was great to see Rotarians working together & getting to know each other whilst serving the community.    Photos below of a great weekend.  Special thanks to Jonas & River; David & Ella; Tristan, Tom & Thea for giving up their weekend to spend time in Quairading making a difference. 

PERTH ROTARY 2021/22 BOARD EMAIL - Our Next Board Meeting – Monday 6 September 2021
President:   Rev Dr John Shepherd AM ;
Past President:         Jill Dawson     
President Elect:        Maree Gooch  
Treasurer:                  Joseph Wambua
Secretary:                  Jacques Phillips
Rotary Foundation   Emma Cork    
Club Service:           Darren Perera 
Fellowship Chair:    Jo Morris             
Media Chair              Barry Thornton
Speaker Program     Nicola Johnston
Membership             Jill Dawson    
Vocational                 Jonas Edner   
Community               David Wee      
International             Wesley Sim     
Youth                        Manu Gupta