Good work continues.  Our fund-raising bears fruit.  At our Board Meeting last evening, for example, we agreed to distribute $5000 to Australian Rotary Health, funds raised at the Rock vs Sport Quiz Night, a collaboration between the Matilda Bay; Elizabeth Quay & Perth Rotary Clubs.  This follows a range of strong disbursements to other causes and needy projects – such as Passages, Hub for Homeless Youth; Salvation Army Outreach Worker FDV Unit and the Perkins Institute. 
All of which emphasises the point that our community as a Club is looking outwards and embracing the challenges of contributing to people and projects needing support.
A new category has been added to our portfolio – that of Environment – and this will give us an opportunity to direct some of our interest to projects that care for and protect the world we live in and enjoy.   Watch this space. 
Last Friday we were privileged to hear Gerard Neesham speak of his establishment of the Clontarf Foundation, which must rank as one of the most outstanding achievements of the modern era.  Our society at present sets great store on appreciating and honouring the indigenous fabric of our society, but there’s a gap between saying and doing.  It’s one thing to have a Welcome to Country; another thing to set in place and maintain programmes that make a positive educational and societal contribution to creating lasting pathways to positive citizenship.  Through the Clontarf Foundation, this is what Gerard has done.  He is making it happen, and we gratefully acknowledge his significant work.
This Friday 8 October Dean Smith will join us to throw light on the inner working of life in Canberra and his role as Whip.  For myself, I have little idea what a Party Whip thinks, does, hopes or fears, so I look forward with bated breath to hear the inside story.  I hope you are also being consumed by bated breath and that you will register your attendance for this Friday by clicking on the following link and booking your seat -
The following week is our club AGM and we invite all members to attend this important day of reflection with regards to the activities of the club over the past twelve months.  We will dedicate our Sergeants Session to raising money in support of Australian Rotary Health's Lift the Lid on Mental Illness Campaign.  Please come along and remember your hat. 
On 29 October we will be on the water with Larry and his fleet of ships, all desirous of another Blessing to keep them afloat for the following year.  Get this date in your diaries tout suite.  It’s an annual function that’s totally exotic, entrancing and exhilarating.  Don’t miss.  Please email Larry Hirsch to book your place on a boat.  
I still have this nagging suspicion that very few of our esteemed members read my weekly spiel through to the bitter and, or even start at the bitter beginning, so here’s the test for this week.  Can you reply to me with a list of book titles that contain a number.  The longest list submitted is the winner.  Book titles with a number.
Your time starts now!
President John 
Liquid Gold in the Outback | Polio Fundraising Dinner, Friday 22 October 2021.  We invite you to celebrate Rotary World Polio Day. Keynote speaker Patsy Millett, sister of Robin Miller, will share the legacy of the Sugar Bird Lady, a life of 'Service Above Self', and Robin's work with the Royal Flying Doctor Service during the second wave of Polio in the late 1960s. Funds raised will be directed towards eradicating Polio in the remaining two countries Afghanistan and Pakistan, through Rotary International’s End Polio Now Campaign.  Tickets are $120/pp and include a 2 course meal; drink on arrival and contribution towards the fundraising target.  The booking link is
This is a collaboration between the Perth and Crawley Rotary Clubs.   We look forward to your company.  Please note it is an evening event.  
News from the Membership Portfolio:  
Congratulations to Louis Kristopher who was inducted as a member of the Perth Rotary Club on the 1st October 2021.  Louis was introduced to the club by Rotarian Philip Lako.  We look forward to working with Louis on club projects in the near future.  This week we will induct Eric Parks and Linken Fragomeli to the membership.  
Eric works with Hawaiian Management and is currently studying to complete his Sales Registration with REIWA.  Eric is looking forward to contributing to the community and joining a team of people who have the same goal in mind of helping others less fortunate. Eric has attended a number of Perth Rotary lunch meetings and knew instantly that he wanted to be a part of our club. Eric is a keen fisherman & camper and enjoys socialising with his mates on the weekends. 
Linken is keen to join Perth Rotary and link into Rotary International.  He enjoys working as part of team to achieve positive outcomes.   Linken's first  interaction with Rotary was via the monthly Rotary Means Business Networking event.  The RMB presentation made an impact which encouraged Linken to research a little more about Rotary. The more he found out the more he wanted to be a part of it.
 We look forward to welcoming Eric and Linken to the Perth Rotary team this Friday.  Should you see a new member at lunch, please introduce your self to them and make them feel welcome and comfortable. 
Fellowship Events & Other News for your diary. 
  1. ANZAC House visit - Please meet Nan Walker in the foyer of ANZAC House at 11am, Wednesday 6 October for a tour of the building.  Those who wish may stay and purchase lunch at the cafeteria following the tour. 
  2. These boots are made for walking .... and we have more opportunities for our members to get out and about and enjoy our beautiful city and freedom to be outdoors.  Please email Nan Walker, Chair of the Fellowship Committee if you are interested in any of the below:
  • a botanical walk around Kings Park with a guide;
  • a historical walk in the CBD of Perth with a guide;
  • a cocktail walk of Fremantle with a visit to a gin distillery; 
  • If you are interested in any of the above walking tours, please email Nan Walker at and dates will be booked. 
3.  Perth Rotary Fellowship and Cooking Classes have been booked for 20 October and 24 November 2021.  These will be held at the home of Nico Morretti’s Urban Providers in Leederville.  For anyone who has not experienced a "Nico Morretti" cooking class, imagine being invited to your best friends home, sitting around his kitchen bench and chatting ...whilst he cooks a restaurant quality meal for you and teaches you a few tricks of the trade at the same time.  At the end of the night you get to take home the recipes and great memories.   You are at liberty to bring a bottle of wine and enjoy this with the food.  It is really a theatre.  Some of you may have experiences these classes they are lots of fun.  If you are interested please email Nan Walker at  The cost per person is $135.  They start at 7.30 p m and continue until about 9.30 p m
  Upcoming events for your diary:
  • Wednesday 6 October - ANZAC House Tour
  • Tuesday 8 October | Sen Dean Smith is the guest speaker.
  • Friday 15 October | Club AGM
  • Friday 22 October - Liquid Gold in the Outback | Joint Meeting with the Crawley Rotary Club - Raising funds in support of Rotary International World Polio Day and the End Polio Now Campaign.
  • Friday 22 October - United Nations Gala Evening -  The evening will celebrate 76 Years of the United Nations, highlighting over seven decades of global collaboration to promote peace, security, human rights, development and our joint efforts to conquer some of the most pressing challenges facing our world.