Dear Perth Rotarians,
My wholehearted thanks are due to Past President Jill.  She has been a constant source of encouragement throughout my time as President Elect and now she is helping me to cope with my technological ignorance and make it possible for me to provide you with weekly contributions.  
Someone once said that when we take on an office or responsibility we are standing on the shoulders of others, and this is especially true in my case.  And not just me.  We all owe Jill an immense debt of gratitude for the expertise and enthusiasm she has endowed us with this past Rotary year.  She has been our Great Connector, and kept the morale of our Club at a very high level.
We have a wonderful array of speakers lined up for our Friday lunches and Thursday evening events, and it would be excellent if you were to come along to as many as possible.  As I mentioned at our Changeover Dinner, the great poet John Donne once said that 'No-one is an island, entire of him(her)-self.  We are all part of the main, and if any of us is missing, we are all the lesser for it.   So do make a strong effort to attend.  Without you, we are the poorer.
This Friday our speaker is Louise Pekan, and will give a presentation on the importance of providing help in the community for families involved in the care of children.
We look forward to seeing you.
In Australia the out-of-home care system is at breaking point.  Families in the ARK network gather together, forming small, local communities, to find and provide support for each other. An ARK community has families involved in foster care, permanent care, respite care and/or adoption, all with the desire to show these kids belonging, unconditional love, a new hope and a brighter future.
We seek to be part of the answer, raising awareness of the need for brilliant families to step into the care of these precious kids, and to provide stable support for those who choose to step up. We want to see families who engage in out-of-home care succeeding, thriving, persevering and raising kids who are well equipped for adulthood.
IMPORTANT NOTICE - EIGHT DAYS left to renew your Perth Rotary Club Membership.  We value and appreciate your membership of our club which greatly assists us to continue our community work.  PLEASE PAY NOW :).  
Our Changeover Dinner was a highly colourful and entertaining success.  Our thanks are due to Club Services Director Darren Perera, Jo Morris and Nan Walker.  The Carnaby Street theme was a winner and many of our members rose to the occasion with authentic, amusing and highly interesting costumes.  The Rotars Band excelled themselves with suitably faithful renditions of the beloved tunes, arias and strung-out beats of the era.  Congratulations also to our PHF recipients  - Ashley Ladner and Nan Walker - and it was excellent to acknowledge David Reed's 22 years of service to Passages.
We welcomed Michael van der Zanden as an Honorary Member in recognition of his outstanding contribution to our Club. 
The best and most authentic outfits of the evening were modelled by Helen and Jeff Leach.  Helen spruced up her costume with a nudge to Marie Antoinette and managed to keep her head at the same time, and Jeffery appeared as a living, vibrant rendition of a totally hip and happening Rotarian.  They were duly applauded by an envying company.
Please also note club events and meetings that are coming up listed below.
  • Thursday 1 July – Crawley Rotary Club Changeover Night.  join us for dinner as we celebrate the Rotary new year. You are welcome to a arrive from 5:30pm for a 6pm sit-down. This will be a dinner to reflect the year past and hear the vision for the year ahead. We look forward to celebrating the Rotary new year with you!
  • Friday 2 July – Meet the new District Governor, Dee Buckland.  Dee will speak to us about Rotary – the next 100 Years….  $50/pp.  Lunch meeting at the Parmelia Hilton.  Booking link
  • Saturday 3 July – District Changeover.   Burswood on Swan, 1 Camfield Drive, Burswood.  6.15pm – 8.30pm.  Light cocktail food and welcome drink.  $60/pp  booking link –
  • Friday 9 July - Colleen Hayward AM (NAIDOC Week) - "We're in this together" | Perth Rotary Business Lunch.  Tickets on line at
PERTH ROTARY 2021/22 BOARD EMAIL - Our Next Board Meeting – Monday 5 July 2021
President:   Rev Dr John Shepherd AM ;
Past President:         Jill Dawson     
President Elect:        Maree Gooch  
Treasurer:                  Joseph Wambua
Secretary:                  Jacques Phillips
Rotary Foundation   Emma Cork    
Club Service:           Darren Perera 
Fellowship Chair:    Jo Morris             
Media Chair              Barry Thornton
Speaker Program     Nicola Johnston
Membership             Jill Dawson    
Vocational                 Jonas Edner   
Community               David Wee      
International             Wesley Sim     
Youth                        Manu Gupta