Dear Perth Rotary Members & Friends,
Last week was the 200th anniversary of modern-day Greece.  For many of our members an important occasion and moment in history.  Similarly, 2021 also marks an important milestone in Rotary Australia’s History as we celebrate 100 years of Service to the Australian Community.  If you have not already done so, please consider going on line at and purchase a ticket/s to the Centennial Gala Ball, Friday 23 April 2021.  A Celebration for ALL ROTARIANS IN WA in recognition of our Centennial Year.
We also have wine for sale marking the Centenary.  Please go to   Proceeds raised from the sale of the wine will supplement the Centennial Gala Budget.  Your support of the Bi-District Gala Committee is greatly appreciated.
Perth Rotary Members contribute in so many ways to raising funds and helping our community.  Rotarian Ulrich Kunzmann sent in a report and picture of his latest delivery of used stamps.  Ulrich advised that should one google “used stamps for charity” it will come up with a direct link to Perth Rotary Club and Ulrich.  He was correct! As a result, Ulrich receives many phone calls and emails each week from the general public pertaining to the collection of used stamps.   So what happens to the stamps once collected?  Ulrich delivers the stamps to Vin at the Rotary Club of Victoria Park.  Vin then sends these stamps to the homes of people who experience a disability, thus providing them with a meaningful occupation and way of contributing back to their community by neatly cutting out the stamps.  The stamps are collated and returned to Vin, who then packs them and sells them to interested parties, mostly in the Eastern States. In earlier days, Oxfam worldwide would handle these sales, but since Vin does it himself, all proceeds stay within our District. Vin then sends the proceeds, on behalf of all our District Rotary Clubs, to relevant Charitable Organisations. For example, $1000.00 to the Fire brigades in the Eastern States, and recently another $1000.00 to our own Fire Brigades helping in our Hills’ bushfires. Although Perth Rotary Club does not benefit directly from the proceeds, the stamps are put to good use and Rotary continues to contribute to the community.   Thank you Ulrich for the amazing work you quietly go about.  
Thursday of last week Perth Rotarians supported the Crawley Rotary Club, One In A Million event which aims to recognise the exemplary work in community service and contribution to humanitarian and educational projects.  Julian Pace of the Happiness Co was awarded with a Paul Harris Fellow and $14,000 in funds raised towards his work in positively impacting peoples lives and to encourage them to spread happiness, helping to make the world a better place.  Perth Rotary Corporate Member Magic Coat For Kids was a nominee and Diane Wilcox’s work with students and families in creating calm, confident and caring kids was hi-lighted during the evening along with Men’s Sheds of WA; Gotcha 4 Life and Psychs on Bikes.  Thank you to Perth Rotarians John Garland AM, Wesley Sim and Friend of Perth and Crawley RC, Michael van der Zanden who gave of their time and expertise to assist on the night along with the many Perth Rotarians who attended the evening.    Congratulations to all at the Crawley Rotary Club on a wonderful night of celebration of those who work in our community, particularly in the area of male mental health. 
The following day, a group of twenty Rotarians and friends organised by Past President Larry Hirsch were welcomed aboard the “Maria” by Rotarian and Past President Jeffery Leach for a wonderful day of fellowship as we attended the Annual Italian Club Rotto Trip raising funds for MSWA (Multiple Sclerosis),Racing for MNDi Foundation (Motor Neurone Disease Research) & WA Italian Club.  Thank you to Larry and Jeff for facilitating this wonderful opportunity to enjoy another fabulous Perth Rotary Day. 
Last Saturday I emailed all members of the Perth Rotary Club in relation to the 2021/22 round of District Grants.  Please note the following:
  • Members are requested to forward their ideas for District Grant to Club Secretary, Jacques Phillips ( by COB Wednesday 7 April. 
  • The Board will submit up to a maximum of three grant applications based on perceived need, opportunity to succeed and alignment with existing club projects and/or area of focus. 
  • Please note, in line with Rotary International directives, the District Grants Committee will not approve any grant applications that include a travel component.
Please note this date in your diary and keep available.  Past President Wesley Sim is waiting on final information from the RSL, however, it is our understanding that the ANZAC March will proceed this year and that Perth Rotary and Heirisson Rotary Clubs will be asked to cook and serve the returned soldiers and families in the grounds of Government House from 6am, Sunday 25 April 2021.   More information to come. 
I look forward to welcoming you all back to the Parmelia Hilton, Friday 9 April when we have Dr Andy Robertson CSC PSM, Chief Medical Officer as our guest speaker.  Dr Robertson will be presenting on COVID19 and Western Australia.  Please go on line at to book your ticket to this event.  We also look forward to welcoming back to our membership Michael Kyriacou.  Mike has a background of studies, research and academic work in some of the best universities in the world while businesswise he has designed “elegant, user-oriented products, crunched data, invested in ventures & projects, entertained crowds, raised capital and assembled successful LBO teams”.  His mastery is in crafting new technologies, connecting people and advising multiple ventures and accelerators around the globe.  It’s wonderful to have Mike re-join the team at Perth Rotary. 
This week Christian denominations celebrated Palm Sunday where the story of Jesus entering Jerusalem is re-told.  Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week, perhaps better known as Easter Break in some households.  No matter what the week ahead symbolises for you and your family, I wish you a safe and blessed break from Rotary, Work and rushing to be……on time; at work; at school; at the gym; at the café; at home…. Hopefully all members are able to find some time to rest and relax.  Please note, due to the Easter Break, the next Perth Rotary Board Meeting will be held Monday 12 April.  The April Rotary Means Business event has been cancelled.  RMB will return Tuesday 4 May 2021.
Please not only put these dates into your calendar, but go on line to purchase your tickets and secure your place at the table.  
PERTH ROTARY 2020/21 BOARD EMAIL - Our Next Board Meeting – Monday 12 April 2021
President:                  Jill Dawson     
Past President:         Vangelis Katsaitis
President Elect:        Rev Dr John Shepherd AM
Treasurer:                  Joseph Wambua
Secretary:                  Jacques Phillips
Rotary Foundation  Emma Cork     
Club Service:           Darren Perera 
Fellowship Chair:    Jo Morris               
Media Chair              Barry Thornton
Speaker Program     Nicola Johnston
Membership              Ashley Whitworth
Vocational                 Jonas Edner   
Community               David Wee      
International             Wesley Sim     
Youth                         Kelly Gibson