Posted on May 29, 2020

A “storm” of very special speakers on Perth Rotary ZOOMIN is coming…

Rotarians and friends of Perth Rotary,

I hope this update finds you and your loved ones safe after the stormy weather that brought us well into the winter mood.

However, this storm finds us also in a “storm” of Rotary activities and in particular with a line-up of some very special guest speakers for our Rotary ZOOMIN meetings.

On Wednesday night we had the rare opportunity to have with us the President of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia, Damian Collins. This appointment of REIWA with our Club was a much awaited one for many reasons.

First, property is Australia’s biggest industry, contributing to our country’s GDP more than $200 bil. a year which is higher than the contribution of mining or manufacturing or any other sector.

Second, the property industry is Australia’s biggest employer with 1.4 mil. jobs which is more than the jobs in mining and manufacturing combined.

Third, our club loves property as in its membership holds a number of property professionals and many more property enthusiasts.

For all the above reasons our appointment with the President of REIWA was in the agenda  for months. Damian Collins in his presentation discussed the market through the numbers and the main message was that in WA we shouldn’t expect any major “market event” due to the COVID-19 crisis providing that things progress and the market returns to normal. However, a full return might take a year or even more. On the other hand, in the East coast the effect will be more apparent as prices in the major cities had reached record levels and their correction might be “painful”.

The recordings of this important meeting are available to all should you wish to watch and it’s worth mentioning that this was our first ZOOMIN meeting with a ticket in support of the poor Cambodian families through the provision of cows from our growing Perth Rotary Herd!

Last night we had another important moment for our Club as our member Prof. Jorg Imberger was invited to speak to a Rotary Club in Malta about the Climate Change and yesterday morning another Rotary Club from the Philippines this time, had requested a representative from our club to speak about COVID-19 and Australia.

At this point I would like to ask for your full participation to next Wednesday’s meeting. Rick Ferdinands, Managing Director of Bioactive Laboratories will present a  ground breaking Innovation: Bioactive Laboratories have identified very different, new active molecules to existing anti-malarial drugs and confirmed a new mode of action.  The company is at a stage of having to conduct clinical trials and after that, the world will see the commercialisation of the world’s first anti-malarial from a new plant species since the early 1970’s!

On Wednesday 17 June, we will host one of the most innovative and technology oriented brains in our country and in the world to speak to our Club. Based in Silicon Valley for years, he designed systems, crunched data, invested in ventures & projects, entertained crowds, raised capital, created ground-breaking pervasive games, and assembled successful LBO teams. Now he crafts new technologies, advises multiple ventures, and participates as a value-added investor. He has a passion for strategy, product development, new ideas and innovative problem solving. The name of this guest speaker will be announced soon…

Wishes for a safe and relaxing long weekend, and I will see you all next Wednesday in our ZOOM IN session with the presentation of the medical breakthrough against Malaria!

Yours in Perth Rotary,

Vangelis Katsaitis
Perth Rotary President 2019-2020