The WA Police Academy, Joondalup was officially opened on 15 February 2002.  The academy is located in Joondalup, adjacent to Edith Cowan University and the North Metropolitan Tafe Campus.  It was with a great deal of excitement and anticipation, that members of the Perth Rotary Club gathered to experience a day in the life of a recruit at the WA Police Academy. 
To be honest, the Academy is somewhat like a movie set back lot, with real life buildings and scenarios set up to educate the police recruits in real life scenarios as they progress through the program.
What attributes are they looking for in their Police Recruits?  Recruits must be resilient, capable and adaptable to succeed in the program set out.  Candidates must adhere to the Police Academy core values of:
  • Duty
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity; &
  • Care. 
Other essential criteria for Police Recruits are:
  • Analytical, comprehension and problem solving skills;
  • Adaptability and judgement;
  • Communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Personal drive and integrity; and
  • teamwork
Of course, our lips are sealed as we experienced a very personal and intense insight into the training and expectations of our police recruits.  Suffice to say, our admiration and appreciation of our police men and women grew exponentially as a result of our vocational visit to the WA Police Academy.  
Vocational Service calls every Rotarian to:
•aspire to high ethical standards in their  occupation;
•recognize the worthiness of all useful  occupations, and;
•contribute their vocational talents to the problems and needs of society.
One of the central goals of Vocational Service is to promote and advance Rotary’s high ethical standards. Two useful tools Rotarians have to assess these standards are The Four-Way Test and The Rotary Code of Conduct.  Friday 29 January 2021 was no exception.  Special thanks and acknowledgement to Sgt Craig Cobern and Perth Rotarian Rebecca Tolstoy AM who facilitated the visit in conjunction with Perth Rotary Director of Vocational Services Jonas Edner.  Thanks to the WA Police Academy for providing an exceptional experience to our members.  A Day to Remember!
Our NEXT Vocational Visit is scheduled for Friday 30 April. Details to be announced by Jonas Edner, Vocational Services Director in the near future.  Stay tuned as it is sure to be equally as interesting, diverse and educational.