This week’s Leadership Series presentation with Mike Utsler, Woodside COO, is shaping up to be a cracker of an evening and I hope that all members can attend. To have a world renown industry leader willing to share some of his insights and learnings from no doubt some of his most professionally challenging days will be a privilege. The fact that he works on “on the Terrace” and understands the environment that many of us work in and can therefore tailor his lessons learned to relevant guidance has immense value. Please make sure that you BOOK NOW to attend:  
In addition to hearing from a fantastic leader, it is also important that we as members of the largest and oldest Rotary Club attend to share of our personal stories and experiences in serving others with one of the many non-members who will be in attendance. Currently, we’re projecting numbers to be 120 – 150. Our task as members is to connect with an attendee and to share. I wouldn’t suggest making any kind of hard sell on joining us, rather sharing your story as to why you got involved and what being part of a global network of professionals serving our community has meant to you.
As a follow up, please suggest that our lunch meeting on Friday, 18th May: Steve Lennon United Nations Sustainable Development Goals might be a good opportunity to next meet. With the significance of Rotary’s role in establishing the United Nations in 1946, it is fitting an appropriate to draw a link between our two great global organisations.
And this just in…
Rotary is assisting the RSL to provide the Gunfire Breakfast to our veterans on ANZAC Day. To do this we need at least 50 volunteers and have only 6 so far.
Can you please on-send this to your members and promote it at your Club meeting as we can’t let the RSL down on this important day.
Below is more information about the Breakfast:
Venue: Gardens of Government House; the Governor has very kindly offered the beautiful grounds of Government House for the event. This new location allows us to truly serve our veterans and we will be able to deliver food and drinks to them at outdoor tables, where they can be seated. No long waiting lines ….
Time: 6am to 9.20am includes pack up and clean up.
Parking: Free parking will be available directly behind Government House Gardens at the Terrace Road Carpark - so just a 30 second walk through the back gate.
Menu: We will be offering bacon and egg rolls to some 2,000 veterans before they commence their March Parade through the city. We will also be serving tea and coffee, as usual.
Tasks: • Cooking bacon and eggs - Preparing the bacon and egg rolls- Serving the rolls to our diggers - Serving tea and coffee
Young People We are especially keen to have as many young people as possible, as the diggers are always so pleased to have young people involved.
Request If intending volunteers can respond to me directly by 15 April. I will then send all specific details to them directly. - Please do call me on the numbers below if you have any queries. - Best regards, Jo Wilkie, Rotary Club of HeirissonT: 9368 4748 M: 0419 681 901 E:
We owe it to our diggers to honour them. I’ll look to be there and hope that you can be as well!
Finally, a reminder that there will be no lunch meeting on this Friday, 13 April given our Thursday presentation with Mike Utsler!
We look forward to seeing you there.
Join Leaders. Exchange Ideas. Take Action.
Yours in Rotary, Stephen Inouye - President - Rotary of Perth 2017/2018