You might have noticed there have been a few things changes taking place within our club? Or maybe not? Either way, here is a quick update on some of the many things happening ‘behind the scenes’ of our club by so many of our dedicated members:
Firstly, you might have noticed that we’ve moved to producing a slightly changed format for the club bulletin. Our bulletin is put together by Kirstin from our office and is the “source of truth” for what is happening within the club; particularly for events. But given the rise of other communications platforms even within our club for FaceBook, email, SMS and even Instant Messenger, there are a number of ways to get the word out. And the reality is that if we’re looking to be progressively minded club that we have always been known to be, then we need to consider how we move forward with the times!
Since Easter, we’ve been running our formal bulletins fortnightly which include the President’s now fortnightly update. We’ve dropped some of the items which members have told us don’t get looked at in an effort to streamline the production of the document and to also purge some of the less relevant matters. And did you know, that in addition to getting emailed, these appear via a link on our website: 
On the off weeks we are still working on producing a shorter ‘reminder’ of the key events and things our members need to be aware of. Thanks for the feedback to date from those loyal readers! We will continue to take these comments into consideration.

Stage 1 of the Office Move Now complete! You’ve heard that right! Thanks to the extraordinary folks we have in our club, our members make things happen! I’d like to call particular attention to a few like Jamie MacKenzie, who in his role as part of the stadium management team identified the need for government to find a new home for their near-new office furniture no longer needed given the completion of the stadium building project. As such, Rotary Club of Perth District got a near full office fitout for our Level 5 new premises! Yesterday, professional movers picked up and delivered the conference tables, storage shelving, admin desks and furniture, chairs, etc. Kathy Kusinski and her team at MKDC have spent considerable efforts working with Jamie and Kirstin to identify which items we wanted, where we wanted it to go, keeping the theme of the office style and functionality in mind, drawing it up formally, and the list goes on. Without the help of Jamie, Kirstin, Dick Cook, Philip Skelton, and Wes Sim on the day at both the stadium and the new office, we’d have a heap of furniture somewhere in between and in need of final positioning!

Stage 2 of the office move is set for this Saturday, 5 May between 8.00 am – 12.00 noon. We need all hands on deck to move the final items from Level 1 to Level 5. Please bring a hand truck if you’ve got one. There is not really any heavy lifting to be done. Simply moving the office admin items into their new home. In fact, if you know of items of significance squirreled away in the old office, now is the time to be a part of the “purge”. Anything which does find its way into the new office, and I’m advised that we’ll have a ruthless bull dog preventing the transfer of any unneeded items that have been gathering dust and mothballs and will get tossed into the skip bin!

In addition to these folks, we’ve got another member, Past President, and District Governor Elect (yes…all in one) who has worked for years and tirelessly behind the scenes to bring so much of this all together. Yes. It’s “MPPDGE” Graham Peden! We are at this stage of the office move because of much of the behind the scenes efforts by Graham and a number of folks like Kathy and Dom Carrington who have provided their professional expertise on the fit out. In parallel to the furniture move, the District is also contributing to the efforts and has organised the wiring for audio visual equipment, installation of a lectern, conference chairs etc. In summary, we are looking forward to using the new office as a central meeting place available to all committees, members and the District to enable Rotary to “Take Action”!
You will find updates in this bulletin on the key events that we need your support this coming week and next. To name a few:

1. Friday, May 4. Our Mother’s Day lunch entitled “Women Empower Series”. This is a special format lunch that has had weeks of planning put into it. Please bring along your mum…a mum… and join in on what is looking like will be a fantastic day. You MUST book via Trybooking! And just in case you didn’t know…Mother’s Day is actually set for Sunday, 13 May 2018. This is your free warning!
2. Also Friday, May 4. HHG Giving Back’s Cocktails for a Cause. Let’s support a great corporate member of the club as they in turn ‘pay it forward’ to help the cause of many less fortunate persons in need of justice.
3. Saturday 12 May. Passages Race Day. If you haven’t already booked your tix, you might well be too late, but I’m sure if there is a desire to attend to attend this great annual event managed by Ashley Ladner, David Reed, and the team at Passages, I’m sure they will be able to help squeeze you in. It might cost you a bit extra though! Your chance of course to try and win it back!
4. Saturday 19 May. Path of Hope Gala Ball. Another great event for a great cause: Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence. You do have time to reserve your seats and tables for this one…but time is running out!
Finally, this just in from Jess Karlsson who signed the club up:
Just a friendly reminder that from today and for the entire month of May, Rotary of Perth is on a Local Matters jar at Grill’d Shafto Lane.
We hope that being on a jar this month can help you generate some extra support and increase awareness in the local community about what you do.
I hope I get a chance to chat with you in the restaurant soon – don’t forget to say ‘hi’ when you drop by for a burger… and good luck!
This is our chance to win either $100, $200, or $300 for the club just by voting for us…each burger you buy gets a token. Please support Grill’d who in turn supports our community!
Thanks for your continued support of our club. Join Leaders. Exchange Ideas. Take Action.
Yours in Rotary, Stephen Inouye - President - Rotary of Perth 2017/2018