Congratulations are in order for Emma Cork, Vincent and Helen Keane, and all those who organised and supported the very successful running of the Cambodia Family Support “Helping Hand Auction” Fundraiser. We must also thank the generous support of the Macquarie Foundation who matched funding and also the huge number of Macquarie staff who hosted the event, helped out on the evening, and who also made many of the financial contributions. While the official count is still being confirmed, Emma reported at lunch last week that over $38,000 was raised on the night. This is a fantastic result for the CFS project and reflects the great community spirit that our club and its local community has for others.
Speaking of club spirit, please ensure that you sign up to join one of our boats for our annual Blessing of the Fleet! For those not too familiar with this club fellowship event, it is certainly one not to be missed. Please check your emails for all the coordinating details. Essentially, all you need to do is let Jill Dawson know that you are interested in participating. You can either pick to join the boat from its home berth to cruise the Swan River or select a pick up point along the way…the final pick up point being the Lucky Shag along Barrack Street Jetty. At around 4.30 pm, all the boats will converge and tie together just under the narrows and across from Elisabeth Quay. As we watch the sun set, all on board will have a magnificent view of the city from the river. Oh and yes…Rev. John will “bless the fleet”… and if Ulrich is lucky, someone else may cause such an event on the evening (i.e. it’s gotta’ top falling overboard while not losing your glass of red) so as to take the crown away from him!
Over the past few weeks, I’m not sure if you have noticed it but a number of members (and even a former member) of our Rotaract Club of Perth have been working together in collaboration with our club. Jess Karlsson has two Rotaract members: Tara Sherwood and Claire Robnison working with her to fundraise and mentor Scouts for their Cambodia housebuilding project in November. Jill “Awesome” Dawson, our Fellowship Director, is working with the Rotaract Club helping to organise their (and now OUR) joint fundraising ball in March/April 2018. Minh Dang, a former Rotaractor and soon to be RCP member has submitted his membership application to our club and also expressed his interest in joining our board! A number of these Rotaractors will be joining us at the Blessing of the Fleet as well….
There are so many things our clubs have in common. There are also so many things we have differences in, but diversity can be a good thing! Particularly when we leverage it and use it to our advantage. Can I please encourage all of our members to get to know our the future leaders of our club…our Rotaractors! They are a dynamic, energetic, and motivated group of young professionals and they want to learn from our members! What do they want to learn: fundraising, networking, professionalism, community service!
This week we have our Annual General Meeting called. While there are some formalities around this event, it is also a good time to reflect upon the year that was and the year ahead…Our club is an amazing club and one that every member should be proud of. As District Governor Lindsay said last week, he knows we all think that “we’re the BEST Rotary Club”, but he and so many others see the Rotary Club of Perth as the “Premier Club”. It is all of our members that do their part to make it so! Have a great Rotary week.
Join Leaders. Exchange Ideas. Take Action.
Yours in Rotary, Stephen Inoyue - President - Rotary of Perth 2017/2018