KDT 2021
We have just completed a very successful 3 week KDT May trip. Three teams of volunteers flew into the region, two in through Broome and one in through Kununurra, without any issues. The visits were very well received, and we saw 488 people over 500 appointments.
Plans are well in hand for our return visit in late July and early August with communities looking forward to seeing us.
Kids in Need program
This program has now been going for just over four years and is proving to be highly valuable. KDT volunteers nominate children who are in severe dental need for specialist and general care.  Specialist work with the families to provide the care required at a price point which the families can afford.
Administration and management
As a result of having 2 paediatric dentists during the May trip the amount of volunteer administration and management has increased significantly and our thanks and gratitude to Sue Worsley for filling this role.  Trish Pepper continues to manage and administer the Strong Teeth toothbrushing program and maintain strong contacts and relationships with Kimberley schools and health clinics. Colgate will continue donating 10,000 children’s brushes, 5,000 toothpastes and also providing toddler brushes and My First Toothpastes for Trish to support a 0 – 3 program.
The Kimberly Dental Team continue to be extremely grateful for the financial support and sponsors of the 2021 KDT program.  Without these funds, the program simply could not run.   
Dr Ken Mullens input and service to KDT is exceptional and ensures that all required reports and record keeping are up to date.  
The Board and Members of Perth Rotary congratulate Jan Owen on her recent Queens Birthday honours award, a most well deserved recognition for services to our First Nations People in the Kimberly.  
Board Members, Kathy Kuzinski, John Owen AM, Jan Owen AM, Jilen Patel and Ken Mullen and to Liz Pattison OAM, Chair of our Steering Committee and its very active and supportive members, Graham Peden and Ashlee Bence are to be applauded for their continued support and passion in providing a dental service where it is most needed in the most remote communities of our North West. 
How can YOU Help?
Each year volunteers led by the Perth Rotaract club pack tooth brushes ready for the KDT team to take north and distribute to the communities in classroom sized packs.  We are always looking for volunteers to help pack the toothbrushes, please contact the club direct if you would like to make yourself available for this volunteer activity.