The Rotary Clubs of Perth and Swan Districts together with Stitches of Hope, have combined forces to provide 500 sleeping bags to Perth’s homeless for the winter of 2018.
The 500 sleeping bags are being manufactured at a Cambodian sewing centre and will be shipped to Perth and distributed to the homeless before the winter of 2018.
The project is about creating employment opportunities for Cambodians and to keep our homeless population much warmer during the cold winter months.

The sleeping bags will be sold at $50 each to raise $25,000 before April 2018. The plan is to ‘sell’ the sleeping bags as presents, people can buy one by donating $50 to Rotary and the club will present the sleeping bag to a homeless person before this winter.

Homeless people have almost no choice, their shelters are either on the sidewalk, a park bench or any other public place. In shelters the homeless will be provided a bed and some blankets, which leaves the others to miss out and are forced to sleep out in the open. in this case, a sleeping bag can make a huge difference, especially in winter to stay warm. A sleeping bag is the only protection that a homeless person have against the winter elements.