Posted by Wesley Sim on Oct 02, 2018

We got to hear from Tristan Campbell, David Reed, Rebecca Tolstoy, and Jo Morrison on the areas of service that they are currently engaged in, projects supported by the Rotary Club of Perth. We shall be learning about a couple more projects this week after the AGM.
Image may contain: 3 peopleImage may contain: 3 peopleI am constantly amazed by the amount of work done in this club that is very much unseen by most members. If asked, many amongst us would be hard pressed to name more than 4-5 projects the Rotary Club of Perth is currently active in and the impact we’re making. Looking on the bright side, this probably means the people involved are doing an excellent job addressing all the needs of each project with the limited resources they have.

Unfortunately, as history shows, it is while everything is bright and rosy that we face the danger of wearing down some of our champions if we’re not careful. When I say “we”, I’m referring to the Rotary Club of Perth as a whole, everybody! Sending out the email on “RU-OK” a couple of weeks back, my aim was not for us to encourage another person just for a day, but to be mindful of each member’s need and situation through the year. We need to be constantly on the lookout for members who may be getting overloaded while others are disengaged. We need to be concerned for members who are currently feeling down for any reason. For our club to continue to do good in our community, we must look after our people. To ensure sustainability and long term success in our projects, we need to constantly top-up the resources in all our areas of service.

One of the goals of membership in Rotary is the advancement of a network of individual skills and resources to improve lives. While improving the lives of the community, let’s not forget our own. Let’s build a strong club where our relationships move beyond professional association into friendships. Friends that work together to make this a better world and friends who celebrate together when things go well.

I look forward to meeting you again this Friday as Past President Stephen reports to the AGM the achievements of the past year and a couple more members lead us forward with the projects they’re facilitating.
Yours in Rotary,
Wesley Sim- President - Rotary of Perth 2018/2019