The people in Cambodia’s northwest are desperately trying to rebuild their community.

The brutal regime of the Khmer Rouge left many scars, including serious poverty. Poor families are vulnerable to the threat of human trafficking across the nearby Thai border.

It’s why our community-led program needs your help.

Your donation will greatly assist in rebuilding and sustaining families and small villages.Together, we can help them break the cycle of poverty once and for all.


Cambodia Family Support (CFS) is a registered Cambodian non-profit organisation, founded in 2008.

The organisation is run by Cambodians for Cambodians. It works among the rural poor in Battambang province, and more recently, Pailin province, using a holistic approach to poverty reduction.

Sister organisations in Australia (CFSA) and the USA (CFSUSA) help raise awareness and funding, and provide some technical assistance on a totally voluntary basis.


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