Since its 2012 inception, the Path of Hope Foundation has gained momentum and has become a Major Financial Foundation, Public Ancillary Fund (PuAF) with approved fundraising licenses in all states and territories in Australia. The Path of Hope Foundation is an international project through the Joint Venuture between Rotary and The Salvation Army; two internationally recognised not-for-profit organisations fighting to end domestic violence globally. Rotary International is the fund and volunteer raising arm and The Salvation Army is the operating arm.


Our vision is to break the cycle of family and domestic violence by empowering women and enabling them to create positive new pathways. This will lead to women having a greater likelihood of raising their children away from domestic violence enhancing the chance for their children to break the destructive cycle in their lives.


Our mission is to provide resources and assistance to women who are vulnerable to, or currently experiencing domestic violence. By providing women with support and guidance, they can become more independent, thereby breaking the cycle of domestic violence. We seek to assist women who are currently experiencing domestic violence by empowering them to take appropriate action and measures to ensure an improved quality of life for themselves and their children.


The Path of Hope Foundation raises funds for The Salvation Army to provide immediate support and refuge for women and their children who are victims of domestic violence. Due to the safety of the women and children the address is not revealed. The Refuge extends support through a unique group of programs and services. It is aimed at assisting with reintegration into society after women have left the Refuge. These services provide an opportunity for women to build networks and connect with the community, thereby breaking the cycle of domestic violence so they, and their children, can have a brighter future and can contribute to the community. Education and role model examples by parents, need to illustrate, from kindergarten level, that violence is not a right of any family member.