Speaker Date Topic
Presidents' Changeover Black Tie Dinner Jun 21, 2019 6:30 PM
"Phantom of the Parmelia" Presidents' Changeover Dinner
"Phantom of the Parmelia" Presidents' Changeover Dinner

Presidents' Changeover Dinner. 

The pinacle of Perth Rotary's social calendar is nearly upon us.
President Wesley is keen to pass the baton to the eager President Elect, Vangelis.

The theme is Phantom of the Parmelia (Opera), so get your DJ's, Cocktail Dresses or more creative attire together.

Join us for what is always a fun evening, celebrating the successes of the past year and looking forward to the new, under Vangelis' leadership. 


Date: Friday 21 June

Venue: Argyll Ballroom, Parmelia Hilton

Entertainment: Pro Party Sounds DJ and the Perth Rotary Singers

Dress:   Black Tie preferred

Time: 6.30 for 7pm

Cost:  $85/pp (Inc canapes on arrival, 3 course meal/drinks cash bar after 9.30pm)

Bookings are on line –www.trybooking.com/BCWRF


Peter Kenyon Jun 28, 2019
Let’s Strengthen Community and not just Serve It
Let’s Strengthen Community and not just Serve It

Community life isn’t what it used to be! Evidence shows that compared with the mid-1980s, Australians today have four fewer close friends: people they could talk with frankly, without having to watch their words. 18% of people say they have no one to turn to in times of difficulty. Only one in three people know their immediate neighbour’s name, with a corresponding figure for how many people trust their neighbours. Over 40% of people in nursing homes never get a visitor…simply, levels of neighbour connection, trust and mental health are at all time low, with the experiences of loneliness and depression at all-time highs. Maybe, the way governments and service agencies ’do community’ needs challenging? Maybe less ‘to’ and ‘for’ community, and more ‘with’ and ‘by/of’ the community. Less ‘servicing’ community, more ‘strengthening’ community’. Less ’wrapping services’ around people, and more ‘wrapping community’. Less viewing and calling people ’clients’, ‘customers’, ‘patients’ and ‘consumers’…more engaging them as ‘co-owners’, ‘co-producers’, ‘co-designers’ and in fact ‘citizens’. 

A community enthusiast and social entrepreneur, Peter has worked with 2000+ communities across Australia and in 59 countries seeking to facilitate fresh and creative ways that stimulate community and local economic renewal. Motivated by the desire to create caring, healthy, inclusive and enterprising communities, Peter, through his organisation, the Bank of I.D.E.A.S (Initiatives for the Development of Enterprising Action and Strategies), helps communities spark their own ideas and invest themselves in building sustainable futures. A significant part of the organisation's income is returned to innovative community initiatives. In the last year, he has worked with 70 communities from Marble Bar to Gnowangerup, Launceston to Cairns, and convened and facilitated community building conferences in Australia, India, Canada and New Zealand.   A keen author, Peter has written 16 books on community and economic development, youth policy and enterprise. Peter’s passion and purpose sees him traverse the globe continuously in his relentless desire to enable communities to discover their strengths and transform themselves. In 2011, he was a recipient of a Centenary Medal for his work with rural communities, and in 2017, was the WA Senior Western Australia in acknowledgement of his community entrepreneurialism. 

Steve Carroll Jul 19, 2019
Our personal journey in the fight against malaria
 Our personal journey in the fight against malaria

We will cover our personal journey from the aftermath of the Vietnam War though to the battle against malaria.

We will finish with a message of hope in the form of a malaria vaccine being developed by the Griffith University QLD.  This vaccine is currently at the stage of development where it is being trialed here in Australia on a 30-person sample before moving to further trials and eventually in country vaccination. 

Steve was born in WA and served 20yrs in the Australian Army.

Having lost his daughter to malaria Steve and his wife Dorene have fought a continuous battle to rid the world of that disease, the world’s second greatest killer.

At the age of 70 he took up volunteer work in Laos and Cambodia clearing land mines and unexploded ordinance and the supplying of water, sanitation and poverty alleviation. In 2009 Steve became a director of Mines Victims and Clearance Trust where they became involved in organizing the clearance of unexploded bombs and mines in Laos.  As such Steve laid the ground work for the combined Rotary Clubs “Watering Project” in Xieng Quong Province.  

Under the name of Carroll family Projects they have travelled to Laos  and Cambodia doing poverty alleviation, water supply and sanitation projects on many occasions.

In 2015 Steve organized an Around Australia Motorcycle Ride Against malaria, having lost their daughter to that disease in 1990. The ride raised over $28,000 that was donated to the “Healthy Village” projects in Solomon Islands and Timor Leste.

The Maitland Rotary Club awarded Steve the Paul Harris medal for service above self in 2012.

In 2017, to assist in the development of a malaria vaccine “PlasprotecT”, Steve and Dorene have offered to match any $500. donation to the vaccine project from Distr 9670 clubs, up to a limit of $25,000. To this date they have reached $19,000.


Carol Shannon Jul 26, 2019 12:30 PM
Leeuwin Ocean Adventure – Building Social Capital for Over 30 Years
Leeuwin Ocean Adventure – Building Social Capital for Over 30 Years

A voyage on the tall ship Leeuwin, like life itself, is a great adventure. It provides an exhilarating hands-on experience while building life-skills, leadership and teamwork. For over 30 years, Leeuwin Ocean Adventure has provided young people from across Western Australia and beyond with an opportunity to build psychological skills – self-confidence, self-esteem and teamwork) and sociological skills (acceptance and co-operations of others). These skills contribute to the social capital and civic functioning of Western Australia.

Carol first sailed on Leeuwin in 1989 – sponsored by her employer Challenge Bank as part of a leadership development program. Carol saw the extraordinary impact of a week at sea on her fellow voyage-trainees and resolved that this was an organisation she wanted to be part of – no sailor then and no sailor now – Leeuwin Ocean Adventure for Carol is about the impact on young people and Leeuwin’s capacity to give young people the skills to make good choices in life to enable them to be better citizens.


Stuart McAlpine Aug 09, 2019
Why and how to promote a new regenerative business model in the Wheatbelt
Why and how to promote a new regenerative business model in the Wheatbelt

Regenerative Agriculture is an ecological approach that allows the landscape to renew itself but also regenerates the businesses and communities that engage with that land (both economically and socially).

Stuart will report on how the wheatbelt is performing economically, socially and on the land and environment we farm. There is fresh regenerative approach to doing business in the Wheatbelt. 

Stuart is a fourth-generation farmer who owns and manages a 5,000-hectare farm at Buntine, Western Australia.

Stuart is co-founder of the Liebe Group, one of Australia’s premium grower groups, and was its inaugural President in 2007. He has extensive experience in research, extension and strategic development of agriculture in Australia.

Stuart instigated the Regional Repopulation Plan with the Shire of Dalwallinu in 2010 and Chaired the Regional Repopulation Advisory Committee (RRAC). He sat on the Perth Working Group Committee associated with the RRAC as deputy Chairperson. The program has led to an increase in population in Dalwallinu by around 15%.

Stuart has expert knowledge in soil and regenerative agriculture practice and his efforts in natural resource management saw him honoured as a Soil Champion in the International Year of Soil 2015 and then added to the Regional Natural Resource Management Leadership Honour Roll in 2016 by the Northern Agricultural Catchment Council in Western Australia.

Stuart has also been part of the team that has seen the first four return regenerative agriculture company in Australia become listed on the ASX. Stuart is non-executive Director of Wide Open Agriculture Ltd.